Home Automation

Xplornet Internet packages: 

Lights & Dimmers

  • Wireless remote control range is up to 500 feet in open area
  • Works with Incandescent and CFL bulbs
  • ON/OFF/Dim
  • Create zones with multiple lights, achieve zone on/off/dimming


  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Smart Button receives signal from remote control and opens / closes garage door
  • Smart Button works with up to 16 remote controls
  • Wireless


  • Can be carried with you and used to control many applications
  • Up to 500 feet operating range in an open area
  • Turn all devices on / off, good when leaving home
  • Long life lithium battery included


  • Kit includes all pieces for a functional system
  • Multiple remotes for different locations
  • Create zones with multiple lights
  • Works with Incandescent and CFL bulbs


  • Includes: sirens, alarms, thermostats, and sensors
  • Supports sensor, cameras and home control receivers
  • Backup Battery for uninterrupted run time during of power outage
  • Decorative options and add-ons
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